Our Confidentiality Policy

We protect your privacy.

Your contract with SKTWorks, LLC, will include standard provisions related to confidentiality and non-disclosure.  These contracts provide, generally, that neither party will disclose, divulge, reveal, report, publish, transfer or use, for any purpose whatsoever, any protected information received from the other party, except as expressly permitted by written consent of the other party, or as the parties may have otherwise agreed in writing.  Furthermore, each party agrees to protect the protected information of the other party with protection efforts that are no less stringent than the efforts it uses with its own information, and in any event, to use efforts reasonable under the circumstances to protect protected information.   Standard exceptions exist for information that a court requires SKTWorks, LLC to disclose.


We would be pleased to provide you with a copy of the contract provisions for your review upon your request, or to discuss this matter with you further.