GIS for conservation
Sherri and Alisande on site.

SKTWorks LLC provides a range of GIS and GPS services for individuals and organizations working in conservation and preservation. Our services are comprehensive, including GPS and photographic data collection and management, mapping for online and print display and for project work, GIS analysis, and compilation of reports.

We work closely with landowners and land conservancies to assist with the conservation easement donation process, offering submeter GPS data collection and drone access. We provide a high-quality baseline documentation service and assistance with monitoring.

Sherri on site.

Conservation Easements

Maps and GIS Projects

Alisande on site.

We also provide a range of working maps to assist organizations with conservation and preservation projects and can assist with data collection. We’ll design your Survey123 or ArcGIS Collector form and create online maps to display and track your data, whether it’s grave locations in a historic cemetery or water quality data on your local springs.